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La Vida De Lauren The Life of Lauren 
Hi! I’m Lauren and I’m a 20 year old who lives in the 4thbiggest city in Australia (hehe), called Perth. I have had a passion for makeup & skincare for a few years now, and I have always wanted to create a blog and share my experiences with others. Not only will my blog include beauty, I’m also going to blab on about other interests in my life like fashion, travels, tea, food & other random things. 

When I was 17 and in my last year of high school, I had a random thought one day that I wanted to start wearing proper grown up make up. Until then all I had been wearing was a bit of creme foundation, mascara and the odd bit of pencil eyeliner. My first experiences into finding 'proper grown up' makeup, was when I had a makeup lesson at benefit & my grandma bought a few products for me. A little bit further down the track, I remember going to an Inglot counter (which we don't have in Perth anymore:'() & my grandma also bought me some eyeshadows & a blush. (thanks gubba) 

One night I was searching for a Brigette Bardot make up look for a party I was going to, and  I stumbled upon Tanya Burrs Youtube channel. This is were the obsession begun... I have been watching Youtube & reading blogs for about 3 years now. About 2 years ago I completed Cert 2 in Skincare & Makeup Services. Currently I'm working full time at a local chemist on the Estee Lauder counter and have for just under 2 years.
(I'm also just going to pop a disclaimer in here: All Estee Lauder products I ever mention on my blog may have been bought by myself or gifted, But all opinions are my own and I only talk about products I love.)

Fashion, Clothes & Style - Also another one of my favourite things to talk about and buy. I dont really have a certain style or a style icon. I love a mix of different things when it comes to clothes. I like a tailored/simple/classic look, but with any choice of colours/patterns/textures. But I also can be quite girly or slouchy. My style inspirations are anyone really, my friends and family, women on Youtube/blogs, anywhere! I just buy stuff I like & slap it together. 

And to finish off this big ramble about myself is 'lifestyle' I have to confess I'm also tea obsessed. Tea to drink, teapots, tea cups, tea partys, tea cakes, tea dresses, high tea, tea tea tea tea, TEA! 

So if you managed to get all the way down to here, congratz, anything else you'd like to know? Email me, lavidadelauren@gmail.com :)

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